Friday, April 15, 2011

Bathtub and big belly... I am 33 weeks and 4 days a long.  My belly is getting bigger by the minute and our house is rapidly changing.  

The house changes have been a fun adventure for us.  We have enjoyed our larger bathroom in this house, but the bathtub was lacking.  Sitting in it allowed it to be filled about an inch before getting in before it would overflow (a bit of an exaggeration, but it was not very deep).  Having a great jet tub in the last house we lived in spoiled me and I started missing it, especially now that I am getting farther along in my pregnancy. 

This is how it all started...
We NEEDED to get a new roof, gutters and siding.  So late last fall we contacted some contractors to get the process started.  We got some bids and picked a contractor.  The roof was done the next week, but everything else was stalled due to the impending winter.  As late winter came around and we were waiting patiently for it to be nice enough for the outside to be finished, Joe and I decided to discuss redoing the bathroom with some of the leftover loan that we would have from the outside renovations. In early March we finally decided to bite the bullet and went to our contractor and asked if he would be willing to do this for us.  He obliged and we went to Menards on a shopping spree that only cost us $350ish for tile, tub and surrounding.  Thanks to our parents the Hegland Christmas was filled with Menards gift cards and were able buy the materials for a steal.  The contractor started a couple weeks later.  We lived in disarray for a week and half with out bathroom ripped up.  It was totally worth it! The tub is fantastic and even keeps the water heated! Just what I need in my last 6 weeks of my pregnancy. 

The bathroom when we first moved in.

After adding a new sink and painting. 

After demolition and new tub was sitting there.

 Final product. 

 My beautiful new tub!!

Oh yeah...the pregnancy. Like I said, my belly is getting bigger by the minute.  Our baby girl is moving around a lot now and Joe and I are able to watch her do acrobats.  He claims she looks like an alien moving around in my belly and at times I agree that it feels that way.  We are getting very excited for her and preparing Sophia as much as we can for what is coming in her life! On May 2nd, she will be going to a sibling class to help her know what to expect.  Sophia is very excited to be a big sister and can't wait to help change her diapers and feed Baby Sis. 

                                                                    33 weeks 4 days

Our next big house project will be finishing the outside renovations. Within the next two weeks the contractor will be working on the siding, gutters and 4 new windows! We are very excited for all the changes in our lives. Stay tuned to what is next... 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Our new venture! we are.  Almost 6 years after being married and almost 3 years after having our first little girl, Sophia, we are expecting our 2nd little girl at the end of May.  Memorial Day to be exact (hopefully a few days before :) ) Time has flown in the Hegland home.  We have had an unbelievable journey thus far and can't want to see what is in store for us! Here is a look into our lives, sometimes exciting, sometimes not so exciting.  Either way enjoy!